Just got to love a happy ending. Suicide bomb making is an awesome business opportunity, terrorists are going through the roof…


In a scene straight out of a Hollywood film, a Taliban fighter detonated his suicide vest by mistake, killing himself and his eight colleagues without a single civilian casualty.

The militants were reportedly working for Mullah Wali, a Taliban commander, British tabloid The Sun reported. The group had planned a devastating attack on the northern Afghan city of Kunduz.

The paper quoted the Afghan Ministry of Interior as saying the jihadis were all wearing suicide vests, and appeared to be plotting a coordinated attack.

On their way to Kunduz something went wrong and one of the fighters appears to have detonated his bomb prematurely. The explosion killed all the jihadis involved.

The Taliban has chosen to remain silent about the explosion, perhaps out of embarassment, the tabloid said.

The Sun:

Afghan press agency Khaama Press reports that this is not the first time militants’ complex and deadly weapons have got the better of them.

A group of 10 would-be bombers blew themselves up whilst working on an IED in southeastern Ghazni province.

Security officials said the Islamists’ bizarre plan was to plant the explosives inside a mosque.