John Kerry turning a blind eye and incompetent speech is exactly why there is so much anger aimed towards democrat politicians. The reason Muslims hate us is that we have freedom that they will never taste. The reason they are swarming to western centers of charity is that they come to conquer the weaklings, just like you. Terrorists aren’t evil people? They just want a good meal and some friends? Let’s run out and tell the world! Kerry, go kiss a terrorist and give him a big bear hug! That should solve the radicalization of muslims. NOT!


Religion does not necessarily play a role in radicalization of Muslims, Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday night, citing political repression and denial of rights as relevant factors, along with the lure of “regular meals [and] companionship.”

In a speech at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University in Houston, Kerry acknowledged that “you don’t have to be poor or repressed or receive special training” to become a recruit of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh).

“You don’t even have to be religious,” he added, citing as an example a reported case of two young British men who went to join ISIS in Syria in 2014, but took with them the books Islam for Dummies and The Koran for Dummies.

“Daesh recruiting videos include a religious narrative but also point to an idyllic picture of Daesh families having picnics and going to amusement parks,” he continued.

Kerry said while “we still don’t have a fully satisfactory answer” as to why some people fall under terrorism’s spell, “we’ve got some pretty good clues.” More