Just one more example of a muslim practicing Sharia law. The prophet Muhammad modeled this same brutal behavior for insulting or dishonoring him. Leave it up to Obama and we will totally be overrun by the “religion of peace.” He’s so pathetic!


A young Muslim man was relaxing in his bedroom when he suddenly heard his little sister answer a knock at the front door. However, when he overheard what she was saying to the visitor, he quickly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began relentlessly butchering the girl, offering 4 unbelievable words when police discovered the gruesome scene.

Hayat Khan was in charge of his 16-year-old sister, Sumaira, not only because she lived in his home, but because the Quran states that Muslim men are in charge of women and can rightfully abuse them. Unfortunately, the blossoming teen discovered too late just how devout her older brother was, all over something Western women do on a daily basis.

The Mirror reports that Hayat was reclining in his bedroom when Sumaira went to greet a visitor at the door of their home in Orangi Town, Pakistan. In accordance with Sharia law, he told his sister to go back and sit down, to which she replied that she could talk to whomever she pleased. This angered Hayat, who approached the front door to see who had arrived, prompting him to become enraged.

Speaking to AFP from his jail cell, Hayat said, “She was talking to someone at the entrance of the house, I asked her who was there and she replied why are you bothered it’s none of your business, I am free to talk to anyone.”

Hayat grabbed a large knife from the kitchen and began hacking away at his sister, stabbing her multiple times. Leaving her to slowly die in a pool of her own blood as she cried to him for help, Hayat later explained to authorities that it was all because she dishonored the family by talking to a boy. More