I’ll shop elsewhere. Target, you’re on your own. If Target wants to make a statement they should create a third restroom for transgenders. This is the beauty of a free market. Target has the right to enact whatever policies they want, and consumers have the right to either shop there or not.

The Blaze:

Following the Target Corporation’s decision to allow transgender customers and employees to use whichever bathroom they prefer, the retail brand’s stock has slightly fallen.

The drop may be nothing more than a coincidence, but Target’s stock price has dipped by 5.8 percent since April 19, when the store first announced the “inclusivity” policy. More


On Friday, the shares of Target Corporation Common Stock (TGT) fell 2.52 percent in one day, according to recent reports. In addition since April 19th, the day they announced the new policy, the stock went from a share value of $84.14 to $79.27 per share. That’s a drop of 5.8 percent in 10 days.

The Family Policy institute says they estimate that to be a loss to the company of $2.5 billion dollars. More


Ouch! And it’s not just a short term valuation problem for investors, the brand is suffering too. In an article where USA Today struggles mightily to remain on Target’s side and minimize the apparent impact, even they still have to admit and report the actual fact, which is:

Target has seen a dip in people who say they’d consider shopping there the next time they need something, according to data compiled by YouGov BrandIndex, a research company that conducts daily surveys measuring brand perception.

Before Target made its policy public last week, 42% of people said they would consider shopping there the next time they needed something. As of Wednesday, that number had dropped to 38%, which YouGov CEO Ted Marzilli says is a “significant” shift. More