Sounds like it might involve identity theft. NYPD is saying ‘watch fraudulent charges’, but you never know what the real truth is. Obama said his main job was to keep us safe… so how’s that working out for you America?

Fox News:

Thousands of New Yorkers are being discreetly informed by NYPD detectives that their names have appeared on a list of “potential targets,” possibly compiled by terrorists, authorities confirmed to

NYPD officials confirmed the existence of the list of more than 3,000 names, but did not elaborate on how it was formulated or the process of contacting subjects. A Brooklyn woman who told she was approached by two plainclothes detectives Wednesday and said they told her that her name was on the list, referred to a notecard and advised her to watch for fraudulent charges on her credit cards and other irregular transactions, she said.

Sources told the NYPD was working with the FBI after the list was discovered, with the police doing the legwork.

“While our standard practice is to decline comment on specific operational and investigative matters, the FBI routinely notifies individuals and organizations of information collected during the course of an investigation that may be perceived as potentially threatening in nature,” an FBI spokesperson said. “Potential threats may relate to individuals, institutions, or organizations, and are shared in order to sensitize potential victims to the observed threat, and to assist them in taking proper steps to ensure their safety.” More