Sadly, I’m not surprised that half the class refused to stand up for the pledge. This is a symptom of the leftism that has infected our country like a horrible plague. Donald Trump said he is going to send us back to Africa? The lying mama stoking hate and racism in her boy.

The Daily Caller:

A mother in small-town South Carolina claims a high school science teacher urged her son, a freshman, to “go back to Africa” after he refused to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance because, the student told the teacher, “Donald Trump is going to send us back to Africa.”

The kerfuffle occurred on Tuesday at Battery Creek High School in Beaufort, S.C. (pop.: 12,361), reports The Beaufort Gazette, a local newspaper.

The unidentified 14-year-old boy’s mother, Nicole Whitmore, said about half the students in the — also unidentified — science teacher’s Tuesday morning class at Battery Creek High refused to stand for the Pledge or recite it.

Whitmore told the Gazette her son announced to a friend that the patriotic, 31-word oath is irrelevant to him because “Donald Trump is going to send us back to Africa.”

According to the mad mom, the science teacher then shot back that the student should “go back to Africa.”

Whitmore describes herself as black and Puerto Rican.

The science teacher is white, she said.

“I didn’t take kindly to it, and my son didn’t take kindly to it,” Whitmore told the Gazette. “You don’t tell my son to go back to Africa knowing you’re a different color than he is. I’m Puerto Rican and black, I know what I went through. I don’t want my son going through anything discriminative.” More