Thanks Kansas! Now we need the other states to follow suit & tell off Obama. We are 20 trillion in debt. Veterans should always come first. These “refugees” can go pound sand. Notice the administration does not say jack about the safety & security interests of U.S. citizens, which should always be the President’s first priority.



After Barack Obama announced that he will import at least 10,000 more Syrian refugees and dump the Muslim asylum seekers on unsuspecting U.S. communities, he told Kansas that they can expect to receive some as well. However, instead of cowering to King Obama’s tyrannical tactics, Gov. Sam Brownback held nothing back in his incredibly blunt response.

Perhaps he was reminded of the recent Brussels or Paris terrorist attacks, which were carried out thanks in part to the refugee crisis, or maybe he can’t help but notice how stealth jihad through asylum seeker resettlement has transformed communities in Minnesota to states within a state. Whatever the case, Gov. Brownback (KS-R) isn’t risking Islamic violence or legislation in his beloved state — and he personally defied Obama to get his point across.

The New American reports that when the Obama promised to bring in at least 10,000 more Syrians this year, Brownback openly refused, citing the administration’s failure to comply with the Refugee Act of 1980.

Because the federal government has failed to provide adequate assurances regarding refugees it is settling in Kansas,” Brownback said in a statement, “we have no option but to end our cooperation with and participation in the federal refugee resettlement program.” More