How does Hillary have the gall to even show her face anywhere near coal country? Yes, her big plan is to make them all unemployed. She’s in total denial that anybody could ever despise her.  Anyone in a coal state that would vote for her puts their neighbors out of business, and deserves her and her little policies.

Daily Caller:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton heads to coal country Monday to begin a two-day tour of the region just weeks after promising to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Clinton will travel through Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio to build support for her presidential bid against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Clinton is trying to boost her support in coal country by releasing a $30 billion economic revitalization plan.

Clinton plans to replace coal mines with green energy and technology jobs and use legal action to make sure miners keep their pensions and healthcare if the company they work for goes bankrupt.

“Building a 21st century clean energy economy in the United States will create new jobs and industries, deliver important health benefits, and reduce carbon pollution,” according to a Clinton campaign factsheet.

Clinton’s plan to is little comfort when coupled with her promise to put coal miners out of business. More