Why does Hillary always seem to run for Andrea when she wants to spread her lies & not get any real follow-up questions? I still think the fix is in. Obama has pressured the DOJ to decline to pursue it if the FBI recommends to. I’m sure there must be enough evidence to put her away for a very long time.


The FBI has yet to contact Hillary Clinton to set up an interview as part of its investigation into her private email server, the former secretary of state said on Tuesday.

Asked by NBC’s Andrea Mitchell whether investigators have reached out to her or her aides to schedule an interview, Clinton simply said “No.”

And asked whether there is any indication that her server — which she kept in the basement of her New York home — was hacked, Clinton also replied in the negative. More


Reports indicated that Clinton and her top aides could soon be interviewed by the FBI, but she quickly shot that down. She also pointed out that back in August she “made clear” she was “happy” to answer any questions.

The Democratic front-runner reiterated that her decision to use a personal email as a government official was “a mistake” but challenged anyone else in public office to release his or her emails.

“I’m the one who’s done it, and I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do,” she said. More