Just think of all the window decals that are gonna have to be scraped off all those alumni vehicles. All those sweatshirts that’s going to be burned in a big bonfire. So let me get this straight, Harvard Law School no longer believes in “Veritas” aka truth? Holding your ears, covering your mouth and shutting your eyes doesn’t change one single thing. If they can force the university to change the seal, they can force them to change a lot more. This is a test. They will be back.


The Harvard School of Law has approved a measure remove its seal because it contains the crest of a onetime slave-owning family, The Harvard Crimson has revealed.

The decision comes a week after the Harvard Law Committee released a report suggesting that the seal should be abandoned.

The current shield derives from the family crest of Isaac Royall, Jr., “whose bequest to the College in 1781 was used to create the first endowed professorship of law in the College in 1815.”

Royall reportedly “derived his wealth from the labor of enslaved persons on a plantation he owned on the island of Antigua and on farms he owned in Massachusetts.”

Harvard President Drew Faust and Corporation Senior Fellow William F. Lee then wrote to the committee to approve the recommendation. More