After serving 14 months for credit card fraud, this guy lands a job running a office already plagued with credit card fraud problems. Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house. If you’re surprised I’m guessing you have never had to deal with a VA Hospital.


Almost immediately after Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate #11109-017 completed a 14-month sentence for using sensitive credit card data on his previous employer’s computer system to steal $70,000, he was hired by the Department of Veterans Affairs in a position that ultimately led to his present job — running an office racked with credit card fraud and bribery problems.

Braxton Linton is prosthetics service chief at the Caribbean Veterans Affairs hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Service chiefs are the top officials in each department in VA hospitals. VA prosthetics offices procure all assistive devices and use government credit cards so often that they are called “prosthetics purchase cards.”

Linton is at least the second convicted felon working in management at the federal hospital in San Juan. The civil service employees union local there recently got an employee reinstated despite her involvement in an armed robbery by arguing that she can’t be discriminated against since the hospital’s human resources manager remains on the job despite being a convicted sex offender.

Linton’s story began in 1998 when he was working as a night clerk in a dorm at the University of Florida and stole mail from freshman students, using their private information to apply for credit cards and racking up $70,000 in purchases. More