With only 7 months to go she blows $100k. All while ICE apprehensions & deportations are down, the borders are wide open. Typical Washington bureaucrats spending our hard earned tax dollars in the most wasteful manner possible. She should be fired immediately along with her superiors who approved this insanity.


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spent $100,000 renovating the suite not only of director Sarah Saldaña, but also her assistant’s office, according to an internal document obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

In response to a query submitted by a Senate Committee on Appropriations staffer regarding the cost of office renovation, ICE confirmed that it had modified the director’s suite “to improve the workflow and usable desk space.”

The original question from the staffer included a humorous quip about the state of the director’s suite, which implied redoing the space would constitute waste.

“The Director’s space was quite nice the last time I saw it, so, if this is true, I imagine these funds could have been put to better use in the field,” the staffer wrote.

The document indicates that renovations were requested starting in March of 2015 and continuing all the way until February 2016, at which point construction was completed. ICE explained the reason for upgrading the suite by saying the initial layout allowed too many people “unfettered access” to the director. More


SAC Response D1 Suite Final_Redacted by Daily Caller News Foundation