Hillary can’t go a day without telling more lies. Why is the FBI giving Clinton any options anyway? Trump needs to really unload on granny. Hire a team of investigators to dig up everything on her since she was in diapers. She should quit, go home, & play with her grandchild.

NY Post:

Does Hillary Clinton figure she can say whatever she wants as long as it’s not exposed as a lie that same day?

On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked her outright: “Have you been contacted — or your representatives contacted — by the FBI to set up an interview” over her e-mail mess?

Clinton gave a flat “no.”

Two days later, news broke that the FBI has already interviewed Clinton’s closest confidant, Huma Abedin, and other top aides. And officials close to the probe say Hillary’s to be interviewed in the next few weeks — which means she’s surely been contacted.

Indeed, CNN reported yesterday:

The FBI is reportedly coordinating with Hillary Clinton’s campaign schedule in order to find a time to interview the presidential candidate about her private email server.

Investigators have already interviewed several of Clinton’s top State Department aides, including Huma Abedin, the network reported on Thursday. Some of those aides have been interviewed several times.

The next step in the investigation — which is looking into whether any classified information was mishandled on Clinton’s server — will be to interview Clinton herself.

But that poses a problem because she is in the heat of a presidential campaign. And with reporters constantly following the former secretary of state, it will be hard for FBI agents to interview her without attracting attention.