Mayor De Blasio should try not hating on cops and have some chicken. My advice is to pick the spicy chicken sandwich with the waffle fries. How absolutely insane that a government official would call for a boycott of a business. This is overreach that the mere mention of it should make everyone extremely angry. I wouldn’t put it past De Blasio to harass Chick-fil-A with his Health Department.


How awesome is it to have a company out there like Chick-fil-A that has a great quality product everybody loves, AND they stand for traditional conservative values? More


Last week, in the name of equality, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio petitioned his city to boycott chain restaurant Chick-fil-A because at the corporate level they have supported organizations that promote a traditional definition of marriage.

But Chick-fil-A has come through a number of protests, boycotts, and threatened boycotts relatively unscathed in the past. The “Same Sex Kiss Day” planned for August of 2012 drew limited crowds, while the corresponding Customer Appreciation Day brought record-setting sales.

And the long lines seen outside the New York locations in the past few days suggest that the current call for a boycott is going unheeded: