Among the races polled, 81 percent of white Americans said no to reparations for slave descendants, the highest number among all races. The numbers were much closer among blacks and Hispanics, with 58 percent of blacks supporting reparations and 35 percent against the idea. Hispanic Americans were almost evenly divided, with 47 percent against and 46 percent for providing money for slave descendants.

The numbers shift when age is taken into account, with the idea more popular with younger Americans.

Americans over age 69 say by an 80-12 margin that reparations should not be paid to those related to slaves. Baby boomers between ages 51-69 are similar, with a 79-17 percent margin against reparations.

The numbers start changing when it comes to Generation Xers, with Americans between the ages of 35-50 breaking 73 percent to 25 percent against reparations. The biggest shift comes with millennials, with a majority — 51 percent — saying that reparations should be paid or they were unsure of whether reparations should be paid. More