It’s about time.

Last week, the Center for Consumer Freedom, an industry group that monitors the activist community, requested that the Federal Trade Commission open an investigation into the fund-raising tactics of The Humane Society of the United States.

Thanks in part to a campaign organized by Humane, which is sponsored by CCF, more than 120 complaints have been filed with FTC since December 2011 regarding those practices.

Most of the complaints concern HSUS advertising that misleads people into believing that HSUS is an umbrella group for local pet shelters and that contributions to HSUS are channeled to those shelters. However, HSUS records show that only 1% of donations go to hands-on shelters, the CCF division said.

Moreover, CharityWatch, the investigative arm of the American Institute of Philanthropy, gives HSUS a “D” rating, for precisely that reason. The money HSUS raises through its advertising doesn’t go to support local pet shelters, it supports the group’s controversial animal rights agenda.