Oh, the tragedy a suicide bomber only kills himself! Looks like he should have read the entire instruction booklet.  May many more have the same exact success. Let me get my little violin and play a sad song. I always hope that the “explodee” realizes just for a fraction of a second that he is about to go boom all by himself. Oh, but Islam is the religion of peace.


Many people have reportedly been injured in Maiduguri, Borno State following a failed attack by a suicide bomber near a mosque in the Sulimanti ward.
The attacker is said to have only succeeded in killing himself after the bomb he was carrying detonated prematurely today, May 11, 2016, according to Vanguard.

He reportedly arrived with a companion who later escaped without detonating his own bomb.

“The suicide bomber who disguised as a worshipper attempted to enter the nearby Masalacin Kofar Shehu Councillor (mosque) when Muslim faithful were performing their morning prayers, but the IEDs he was carrying exploded few metres to the mosque leaving the suicide bomber dead with few others who were about to enter the mosque injured,” a source said.

The incident is yet to be confirmed by relevant security agencies. More