What is it with the State Department and their videos. Spontaneous combustion? They are able to find a obscure video lost somewhere in cyberspace used to cover up their negligence that resulted in the death of 4 American patriots. But can’t even find the edit in a video they produced themselves? Why not ask the NSA for some help. I’m sure they can restore the deleted digital information.

The Blaze:

The State Department continued to remain unsure Friday why video of a reporter grilling an agency spokesperson was edited out of a 2013 briefing video.

“Have you guys come to a determination of how exactly this happened?” Associated Press reporter Matt Lee asked at the daily briefing.

“No, we haven’t, Matt,” spokesman John Kirby said.

“But I can tell you, and I say this as not just the spokesman for the department, but the assistant secretary of state for public affairs, that I’m very concerned by this,” he continued. “And I have every intention of making sure that we look into it thoroughly and try to get answers as best we can about what happened here.”

Kirby added that the department has “an obligation to be transparent” and said he took the duty “very seriously.” More