PC gone wild. A 5 year old suspended for bringing bubble gun to school? Now if it was a clock, she would get to meet the president. The stupidity of educators in America today is overwhelming. Lots of education, but not a lick of common sense.


Children aren’t suspended from schools anymore for cursing out teachers or dismantling murals dedicated to policemen, but it’s an entirely different story if they bring translucent guns that blow bubbles.

What this kid came to school with wasn’t nearly as bad as what “Clock Kid” brought in and scared everyone to death, but I don’t think you’ll hear too many liberals arguing with the school’s decision.

From Twitchy:

We’re guessing the school district in Colorado that reportedly suspended a 5-year-old girl has a strict “zero-tolerance” policy in place regarding weapon possession. No parent wants to send their child to school knowing he or she could be struck by an errant soap bubble and temporarily blinded.

It has to be very tough being a kid in Obama’s America.

Heck, it’s even tougher being a parent. Just let your kids play outside unsupervised and you’ll promptly receive a call from Child Protective Services.