The Dems seem utterly unaware that if they need the likes of Pocahontas to “save them” then they have already lost. If Hillary and Bernie are the featherweights, Pocahontas is a shadow boxer at best. Voters will crawl over barbed wire and broken glass to vote against Hillary, and that includes a large chunk of jilted Bernie voters.

The Hill:

Democratic senators expect Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will soon make moves to mollify restive liberals and unify the Democratic Party behind Hillary Clinton.

Several Democratic senators say they have approached Warren about the role she can play, insisting she is best positioned to mend the schism between the Clinton and Bernie Sanders wings of the party.

Warren has a loyal following among the more liberal Democrats who favor Sanders. She has told colleagues she will play the role of peacemaker, but not until after the last major round of primaries on June 7.

“I think Elizabeth can and will be very helpful,” said Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), a Clinton backer who spoke to Warren on Wednesday.

“She is very interested, at least in my conversations with her, in doing everything she can to help get the party to unite for November,” she added.

Warren and her office declined requests to comment.

Shaheen expressed hope that Warren would attend and act as a unifying figure at the New Hampshire Democratic convention that is scheduled for June 18. More