Oh lookie! Another feel good story of the day! And that’s the way it’s done. Don’t pause to think just squeeze. One less criminal in the area. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal:

A Lee County homeowner will likely not face charges after shooting and killing a suspected burglar Thursday morning.

“In our opinion, she was justified,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson. “We will take it to the grand jury as a query, but under the castle doctrine, you have the right to protect your family and property if you feel threatened.”

The County Road 736 homeowner heard noises outside around 4 a.m. She armed herself and went outside and found Gary Sneed Jr., 35, inside of her vehicle. She told him he was trespassing and needed to leave.

“He made a lunge and she fired once, striking him fatally,” Johnson said. “She then told the female suspect to stay put and calmly called 911 and followed all their directions until we arrived.”

911 and followed all their directions until we arrived.”

After the home was burglarized in January, the homeowner had a surveillance system installed. That system recorded Sneed and the female suspect when they pulled up at the same residence Wednesday afternoon. They told the homeowner they had car troubles. The homeowner got the couple some gas and even put water in the radiator and got them back on the road.

“Watching the video, while the homeowner was helping the male with the car, the female was walking around the property and pointing at the surveillance cameras.

“We think they came back under the cover of night thinking the cameras wouldn’t see them.” More