‘Too aggressive, some children may be afraid of the noise’, or something. Considering the world we live in today, kids needs to be toughened up more so than ever. If they can’t manage a high pitched noise once a day on the playground, what reaction will they get when the look at a newspaper or hear the news.  Generation snowflake?

EAG News:

A teaching assistant at St. Monica’s Catholic School in Buckinghamshire is speaking out after school officials banned employees from using whistles on the playground.

For decades, Pamela Cunningham said teachers and staff have used whistles to gather students after recess, but school officials recently banned the practice because the “aggressive” noise may hurt their sensibilities, the Daily Mail reports.

“At the primary school where I have worked for more than 26 years, the blowing of the whistle to signal the end of playtime has now been banned,” Cunningham wrote in a letter to Country Line Magazine. “It’s thought to be too aggressive and some children may be afraid of the noise.

“We now have to raise a hand in the air and hope that the children, all 120 of them, can see it and stop playing. God forbid that we should have to gather the children in an emergency – I still keep my bone, hand-carved dog whistle in my pocket just in case.”

Manchester University psychologist Emma Kenny told the Daily Mail the new rule really doesn’t make any sense.

“I do not know where the basis of their evidence has come from but if a child is taught the alarm system – there is no reason for it to be feared,” she said. “Loud bangs can be intimidating to children but we need to let them know they shouldn’t be afraid of loud noises as it isn’t realistic. More