Democrats once again trot out their “arc of the moral universe” theme. The partisan left fringe rises to its feet and cheers hysterically. In the leftist world, actions shouldn’t have any consequences whatsoever.

Washington Post: Leaders of Virginia’s House and Senate filed a lawsuit Monday in a bid to reverse Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s sweeping order to restore voting rights to 206,000 felons.

The lawsuit presents a complex constitutional question with the urgency of a presidential election-year battle. It asks the state’s highest court to weigh in quickly so that recently reinstated ex-cons can be stripped from the voter rolls ahead of November.

The case contends that McAuliffe (D) exceeded his authority in April when he restored voting rights to felons en masse instead of individually.

“From Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson to Tim Kaine and Bob McDonnell, every Governor of Virginia has understood the clemency power to authorize the Governor to grant clemency on an individualized basis only,” it says.

The lawsuit follows McAuliffe’s executive order to restore voting rights to all felons who have completed their sentences and have been released from supervised probation or parole.

The governor says that his move helps former convicts to fully reenter society. Republicans call it a favor to Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, McAuliffe’s close friend and political ally, who could benefit from higher numbers of minority voters in the crucial swing state. More