So instead of a debate Hillary heads for a talk show. She’s just pandering to the LGBT crowd by appearing on Ellen. I guess she couldn’t hold a rally because no one would even bother to show up. She would never pick Bernie, after he dared to run against her. Should she be more worried about her future cellmate rather than a running mate?

The Hill:

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton played a game of “Who’d You Rather” to try to choose her running mate, quickly ruling out rival Bernie Sanders.

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in an episode airing Wednesday, Clinton was asked to choose who she’d want as a running mate as two famous people appeared on a screen.

“We’ll keep switching until you narrow it down,” DeGeneres said.
“This is very helpful,” Clinton said. “Don’t tell anybody because we want it to be a big surprise.”

In a matchup between Mark Cuban and Vice President Joe Biden, Clinton quickly chose Biden. But Biden was eliminated when he appeared against actor Tony Goldwyn.

Sanders picture then came up. But in a matchup between Goldwyn and Sanders, Clinton didn’t hesitate.

“Gotta go with Tony,” Clinton said. More