This is great because Trump just cut Hillary out of the debate action. What a great time to remind Bernie of his many writings. I love the fact that he is willing to go head to head with anyone. We haven’t had a candidate able to do that since Ronald Reagan.

CBS News:

Before hitting a private fundraiser in Los Angeles, Donald Trump taped a guest appearance on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where he fielded questions from the late-night host on a range of topics — including transgender bathrooms, and whether he’d debate Bernie Sanders.

Kimmel asked Trump if he’d be willing to debate Sanders, given that Hillary Clinton had turned her primary opponent down for a California debate. Trump declared he would — as long as the proceeds go to charity.

As he accepted the hypothetical debate, Trump asked, perhaps jokingly, how much Sanders would be willing to pay him — for charity — then conceded that it would be fine if a network were willing to put up the money. Trump also said he has never met Sanders.

Multiple sources told CBS News Thursday morning, however, that the presumptive nominee was just kidding about debating Sanders — it will never happen, they said.

Multiple sources tell @CBSNews that Trump was kidding about debating Sanders & it will never happen.

Sanders took to Twitter right away with his response. More

Sanders Accepts Trumps Offer To Debate Before June 7th Primary