Bill O’Sullivan should not be called a Senior Editor because it’s totally offensive to all the real journalists. He’s insulting our intelligence, in an attempt to control people. Now every piece of garbage out there is looking to get their 15 minutes of fame by desperately trying to be the next social justice warrior. Life is hard, it’s harder when you’re stupid.


The Blaze:

Bill O’Sullivan, the senior editor of the Washingtonian magazine, wrote in an editorial Thursday that the “loathsome” phrase “start a family” should be scrubbed from the vocabulary because it’s offensive to single people and couples without children.

“What this euphemism means is get pregnant—or try to get pregnant, or have a baby, or adopt,” O’Sullivan wrote in the column. “Start a family devalues any couple who doesn’t happen to have kids, for whatever reason.”

The phrase also hurts single people, O’Sullivan wrote.

In addition, he claimed the phrase originated from “heterosexist” ideology, but noted that it has since been adopted by the “everyday lexicon of LGBT people.” However, O’Sullivan still asserts he hears it more often from straight people.

“For the sake of all the ways to be in the world, it’s time to put an end to start a family,” he insisted.

In the final lines of the column, O’Sullivan also wrote about his issue with the word “female,” which he instructed people to avoid saying. He takes issue with the word because, as a reader told him, it “sounds like biology class” and “has overtones of criminality.” More