Is it possible this guy has no knowledge or understanding of history? I’m surprised that he didn’t say that he was there to witness the fireball. It’s called War Brian Williams something you pampered, limousine liberals wouldn’t really understand at all.

Free Beacon: MSNBC’s Brian Williams said the U.S. used nuclear weapons against Japan “in anger” Friday, an expression sure to upset those who recognize the decision potentially saved hundreds of thousands of lives by bringing about a swift end to World War II.

The decision by President Harry Truman to drop the atomic bomb is again under discussion after President Obama’s trip to Hiroshima this week. Obama is the first sitting U.S. president to ever visit the city. In a ceremony alongside Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe Friday, he laid a ceremonial wreath and gave remarks about putting diplomacy before warfare.

While Obama did not apologize for the U.S. using the atomic bomb, he did say “death fell from the sky” in Hiroshima.

In the clip flagged by NewsBusters, fellow MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell prefaced Williams’ commentary by praising former Sens. Richard Lugar (R., Ind.) and Sam Nunn (D., Ga.) for the bipartisan nuclear threat initiative they spearheaded, saying “I don’t think they get enough credit for it.”

“That they controlled, through a bipartisan act of Congress, controlled the spread of nuclear materials, non-state actors, materials even in this age of terror, all these decades after the end of the Cold War is just remarkable, and I don’t think they get enough credit for it,” Mitchell said. More