I have mixed feelings. I want to support the police against the BLM’ers, but really don’t like the idea of tiers of justice. Stop the plea bargaining and hammer those people into the ground with every single charge that legally applies, and then sentence with each charge adding the maximum penalty. You won’t need new laws if you will just stop all the mollycoddling of these thugs. Playing games with race, sex, religion or occupation is just more political pandering.

NY Daily News: Louisiana’s governor has signed first-of-its-kind legislation placing crimes against law enforcement on par with those against minorities.

Gov. John Bel Edwards made the bill law in the Pelican State on Thursday, with firefighters and EMS officers also given the new legal hate-crime protections.

“The men and women who put their lives on the line every day, often under very dangerous circumstances are true heroes and they deserve every protection that we can give them,” Edwards, a Democrat, said of the law in a statement.

The legislation has been called the “Blue Lives Matter” bill, adopting the slogan used in response to Black Lives Matter movement’s criticisms of police brutality.

Louisiana’s legislation is the first in the country to classify crimes against law enforcement as hate crimes, though many other states have added penalties for attacking an officer or have labeled it an aggravating factor. More