How is this not attempted premeditated murder? You just don’t grab a container capable of splashing gasoline on a person, by keep it in your car “just in case” – this was planned attack at McDonald’s. It should be charged as such. How stupid do you have to be to video yourself performing this moronic act.

ABC 57: Elkhart Police are continuing their investigation into a situation where a passenger allegedly threw gas at a woman working at a drive-thru.

It happened just after 1:30 a.m. on Friday, May 20th at the McDonald’s on South Nappannee Street in Elkhart.

New video was posted to Facebook then taken down Saturday, May 28th showing a passenger throwing gasoline at an employee.

The act was caught on camera and the victim, Kayla Prater, spoke with ABC 57 via phone about the incident.

In the video posted, you see three males pull up to a McDonald’s drive-thru in Elkhart.

The man in the rear passenger seat holds a 7-Eleven cup filled with what police say is gasoline and throws the liquid at the employee through the window. More

See the video here.