The photos were taken down from facebook, but was his account frozen or deleted? I’m betting not. You See, if they just had jobs they wouldn’t have to sell little girls as sex slaves.

AMN: An Islamic State fighter posted, on his Facebook page, photos of Yazidi sex slaves he wants to sell online. Abu Assad Almani posted the first picture of a young girl with a simple caption: “She is for sale. To all the bros thinking about buying a slave, this one is $8,000”.

The second picture, a girl with a pale young face and weepy red eyes, was also for sale for around $8,000.

The two photos were taken down by Facebook within hours.

Whether the militant was selling the poor girls for himself or on behalf of the group is still unknown. Almani is believed to be an ISIS fighter of German origin who lives in the group’s de facto capital of Raqqa, northern Syria.

RT: Displaying the images, Almani told his Facebook friends to “get married and come to dawlah [the IS-held territory in Iraq and Syria].” A heated discussion erupted between him and different commenters who doubted the $8,000 asking price was reasonable. Some mocked the girls’ looks, while others slammed Almani for showing women wearing no veil.

“What makes her worth that price? Does she have an exceptional skill?”one of his correspondents asked about the woman in the second photo. “No,” he replies. “Supply and demand makes her that price.”

The images and Almani’s profile were deleted by Facebook within hours, according to the newspaper. But the posts highlight a worrying sign of a growing slave trade, with probably hundreds of women being held and sold as sex slaves by IS militants.