Can the FBI delete all my spam while they are at it too? Well, since our government is determined to ignore our Constitution, maybe we should start ignoring their Tax Law? Once they have prosecuted Hillary and taken care of all of her emails, then they can get back to us.

Red Alert:

The national security state keeps humming with little regard for the privacy rights and due process granted by law to Americans.

Law enforcement is fighting to preserve a loophole to obtain emails without a warrant while trying to widen their ability to subvert the necessity of a court order, according to Reason.

“The FBI is trying to write up special new rules that would let them use a National Security Letter (NSL) to get access to email records without any sort of court order,” Scott Shackford wrote.

Created by the PATRIOT Act, NSLs are secret, allow the government to gag companies about their existence, and strengthen the ability of law enforcement to conduct unwarranted surveillance on a massive level.

The legislation that would authorize the rules revision, the 2017 Intelligence Authorization Act, had one opponent in the Senate Intelligence Committee. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) called the rules “dangerous provisions.”