Obama sounded like he was chomping on something while struggling to fire up his stooges against Trump. He definitely has the Midas touch. If Hillary really wants to totally doom her campaign, she just needs to have him stumping out for her.


…Ahead of his remarks Wednesday, a White House source said Obama was chomping at the bit to get out and “get people fired up” about the upcoming election, though the source conceded Obama will remain largely on the sidelines until the Democrats have a nominee.

Obama expects to “explode onto the scene” once the nominee is selected and “knows his power” to fire up the Democratic base, the source said.

“It’s driving him crazy” to be mostly hands-off, the source added.

In his speech, Obama used his strongest language this year to push back against GOP proposals.

“In today’s economy, we can’t put up walls around America. We’re not going to round up 11 million people, we’re not going to put technology back in the box, we’re not going to rip away hard-earned rights for women and minorities and Americans with disabilities,” Obama said. “These are permanent fixtures in our economy and rolling them back will not help folks in Elkhart or anywhere else.”

Later, Obama claimed a Republican president would “lead to lower wages, it would eliminate worker protections, it would cut investments in things like education, it would weaken the safety net, it would kick people off health insurance, it would let China write the rules for the global economy, it would let big oil write the rules that protect our air and water, it would let big banks weaken rules that protect families from getting cheated, it would cut taxes for wealthy Americans to historic lows.”