If the situation were reversed, a Christian woman would still be in jail without bond, and the Justice Dept would be all over this.  Just another case of the peaceful tolerant assimilation of Muslims into western civilization.

Fox News:  A Georgia homeowner was attacked Tuesday by a woman dressed in a burka armed with the American flag that was in the homeowner’s yard, The Smoking Gun reported.

Aisha Ibrahim, 30, allegedly pulled Old Glory out of a mailbox in Lawrenceville, which is outside Atlanta, and “in a threatening manner” swung the flag at the homeowner, the report said. A fight ensued until a neighbor was reportedly able to hold Ibrahim, whose eyes were only visible, until police arrived.

Authorities told FoxNews.com that the fight appeared to be unprovoked.

The alleged victim was identified as Dami Arno, who reportedly called for hate-crime charges against Ibrahim.

“A Muslim women tore my flag pole down this morning and attacked me and my daughter with it. After the fight she was charged with simple battery 2 counts, nothing else. No hate crime, no destruction of property, no criminal trespassing — nothing,” Arno reportedly posted on Facebook. More

11alive: The victim said the attack lasted several minutes.  At one point, witnesses said the woman took her shoe off and began hitting other people with it.

“I’ve got a swollen knuckle, I’ve got a bruise there, I’ve got a bruise there and she got me on my face,” she said.

The woman’s 14-year-old son grabbed the family gun and stood by in defensive mode ready to fire off a warning shot.

“That did not even phase her,” the victim said. “It didn’t stop her; it didn’t do anything.”

A witness saw the struggle and was able to help hold the woman until police arrived.

“We fought for for probably 7 minutes until the police arrived here because I wasn’t letting her go I did not know what else she would do,” she said. “She had already chased one of my neighbors into her house that morning.” More