There is nothing Obama the narcissist cannot make about himself. Yeah, Obama’s privileged children are just like the Syrian children. Wait what? Obama “sees them as his own….” I thought that was Trayvon! I’m so confused!

PJ Media:  President Obama made a pitch for American engagement in the world during a commencement address at the Air Force Academy today that concluded with the crash of one of the flyover jets.

Obama called his two terms as commander in chief “the highest honor of my life to lead the greatest military in the history of the world.”

“Our standing in the world is higher and I see it in my travels from Havana to Berlin to Ho Chi Minh City, where huge crowds of Vietnamese lined the streets, some waving American flags,” he said. “So make no mistake, the United States is better positioned to lead in the 21st century than any other nation. And here’s another fact. Our military is by a mile the strongest in the world.”

He called military cuts “natural and necessary” after ground wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“As we navigate this complex world, America cannot shirk the mantle of leadership. We can’t be isolationists. It’s not possible in this globalized, interconnected world,” Obama argued. “In these uncertain times, it’s tempting, sometimes, to pull back, to try to wash our hands of conflicts that seem intractable, let other countries fend for themselves. But history teaches us, from Pearl Harbor to 9/11, that oceans alone cannot protect us. Hateful ideologies can spark terror, from Boston to San Bernardino.” More