“We investigated our corruption and found ourselves innocent.” What sense does it make to allow any agency to investigate themselves? Do we expect them to find wrongdoing? What disgusting scumbags. Just more proof that the government can not be trusted even with the most miniscule detail of anything. And everyone wonders why they just have to deal with a corrupt Government while the Government wants the citizens to be only honest.

The Hill: The State Department won’t reopen an investigation to determine who ordered portions deleted from a video of a 2013 press briefing, despite pressure from Capitol Hill, the agency said Friday.

“We believe we have conducted an inquiry into this incident,” spokesman Mark Toner told reporters.

“We have exhausted our efforts to look into the incident and responsibility.”

The State Department’s position does not mean that its inspector general, a separate entity, will not examine the incident, as the head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee has asked it to do.

The internal watchdog “will decide for itself whether it wants to look into this incident,” Toner said.

Nonetheless, the stance is likely to anger critics of the Obama administration, who accuse it of turning a blind eye to an attempted cover-up. More