Are you gonna just sit back and take that Al-Qaeda? Sticks and stones may break your bones, but this sword will chop off your head. Just let the Jihadist have a great time killing each other. Allah can sort it all out.


Supporters of the Islamic State have continued to refer to arch rival terrorist organization Al-Qaeda as the “Jews of Jihad” on Twitter, The Middle East Media Research Institute reported Monday, using the hashtag as a derogatory term based on the claim that the two share the same negative qualities.

The hashtag first made its appearance on the Internet in January 2016 in an article titled “The Jews of Jihad: Al-Zawahiri’s Al-Qaeda” by prominent pro-ISIS supporter Abu Maysara Al-Shami. The article was written as a condemnation for an alleged conspiracy concocted by al-Qaida to join the ranks of ISIS in order to destroy the Islamist group from within.

Al-Shami’s description of Al-Qaeda as Jews is based on his comparison between this suggested plan and a widely-held Sunni belief that Shia Islam was initially founded by the Jews to divert Muslims away from their religion, according to MEMRI. More