The only conclusion I can deduct from this is that the Federal government does not trust the State and local law enforcement with firearms. They have been trying to federalize police departments for years, Baltimore is a very good example.

FBI: One night an officer responds to a reported robbery and enters the location alone to investigate. The officer hears a noise, draws a sidearm from its holster, and proceeds carefully, but is attacked by the suspect and knocked unconscious. Fortunately, the officer’s firearm is equipped with new technology that immediately notifies dispatch when a weapon is drawn and assistance is necessary.

This technology allows dispatch personnel to closely monitor the weapons of law enforcement officers. It currently is being field-tested by various police departments.[1] If the device becomes widely available, it could bolster officer safety and prove valuable to agencies.

Overview and Benefits

The new signaling tracker for firearms (STF) connects to an officer’s smart phone or computer, much like a GPS tracking mechanism. An on/off switch determines when it is in use.[2] Once the small device is activated and inserted into the grip of the firearm—allowing it to remain completely unnoticeable—it gives important updates to dispatch personnel. The battery lasts about 1 week in-between charges. When the device is not in use, it enters a sleep mode until activity begins.[3]

The dispatch center receives notifications from the STF concerning the location of the weapon and, thus, the officer.[4] Personnel also are alerted when the sidearm has been removed from its holster or fired—if so, the device communicates important information, such as the number of times the weapon was discharged and the time and direction of each shot. More