For the love of God that 1.25 million could have gone to help our Veterans. What a total waste of good taxpayer money, it’s enough to make me literally sick. You know for sure anything the government comes up with is going to be utter total trash that no one will ever watch, and it will end up way over budget.

Daily Caller: A Department of State program is soliciting pitches for an animated superhero TV show that would air in Pakistan.

The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) announced a grant award of no more than $1,250,000 for a two-season superhero show “to promote security and stability in Pakistan,” according to a government notice posted Wednesday.

“Key to this new character’s success will be that he/she possesses a local, indigenous persona, fully immersed in Pakistani culture,” the announcement stated. The show’s superhero character is intended to be a positive role model for youths between the ages of 14 and 25. The project description notes that more than 100 million Pakistanis — the majority of the country’s population — are under 25.

The show must be engaging for viewers and encourage “counternarcotics, gender equality, the role of police in civil society, a fair criminal justice system, anti-corruption [and] religious tolerance” to be selected.

Superhero cartoons tackling social issues have become enormously popular in the past several years. The award-winning 2013 cartoon series “Burka Avenger” attracted attention for tackling the Taliban’s opposition to educating young girls. While the 2015 cartoon “3 Bahadur” depicts a team of 11-year-old superheroes who save their community from a violent gang. The creator of  “3 Bahadur,” Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, said she hopes to “engage, empower and motivate today’s youth.” More