Apparently they had so much respect for Muhammad Ali they turned his funeral into a progressive/celebrity party. From what I saw of it, it was nothing more than a leftist political event. Typical libs hovering over the dead bodies like vultures. He is a Rabbi just like Wright is a Reverend. God shall not be mocked.

Twitchy: In this clip, he appeals to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to establish a Palestinian state and offers up this message to the next President of the United States:

Tell the next president of the United States that SHE should seek a constitutional amendment to make all national and state elections funded by Congress and the slate legislatures or all other sours of money be banned, including money from corporations, from individuals — all other money, make it all public funding!

On Tuesday, the family of Muhammad Ali invited leftist Michael Lerner to speak at the funeral/memorial service for Ali, supposedly — as Lerner writes — “to represent the Jewish people.”

Nothing could be a greater travesty. In an old column, I wrote that Lerner is a man who “lives in his own starry-eyed radical world.” If you think this is not true, simply go to the many links Lerner provides and read what he has written over the years.

In my 2002 column, I called out Lerner for his views on how American Jews should relate to Israel. The column is still relevant because, if anything, Lerner’s views have gotten much worse. In discussing how Israel should respond to terrorist attacks against it by Palestinians, he falsely presents himself as a moderate — not as part of the emerging pro-Palestinian, left-wing protest movement. He is, he assures us, “outraged” by the “immoral acts of Palestinian terrorists.”

What does he suggest Israel do about it? Should they fight back? Lerner just gives a new dose of moral equivalence by using the same language he has scolded the Palestinian terrorists with and applying it to Israel. More