Crooked Hillary says we must tell Saudi Arabia and other countries to stop funding hate. I’m calling on her to immediately return the $25 million plus she got from them for the Clinton Foundation!

And that donor would be the Islamic country of Qatar, which has given the Clinton Foundation millions of dollars.


Laura, a 22-year-old Dutch woman, was on vacation in Qatar this past March when she was having drinks with a friend and began to feel “very unwell,” her lawyer Brian Lokollo told the Dutch News Media.

The next thing she knew, the woman alleged, she woke up in an unfamiliar place and realized she had been raped. Upon reporting the incident to the police, the woman herself was jailed. In Qatar, sex outside of marriage is illegal.

Today, Al Jazeera reports that the Dutch woman was given a one-year suspended sentence and “ordered to be deported to the Netherlands once the ruling was formalized, which is expected over the coming days.”

The man, who is identified as Omar Abdullah al-Hasan, also faced punishment, not for rape, but for illicit sex acts and public intoxication. He was sentenced to 100 lashes for the former, and 40 lashes for the latter crime. More