Swung from an electric cable tied to a chimney? Really? I’m not saying I believe it, but don’t you think they could have came up with a better story than that? How many 61-year-olds would even think about pulling that antic, much less attempt it?  Something smells rotten. Nothing to see here folks.. 61 yr old men swing from cables every day… This guy just slipped is all.

Fox News: The Pentagon on Thursday denied a claim made earlier in the day by an ISIS-aligned news agency alleging fighters from the Islamic State terror group were responsible for the death of an American military officer in Turkey.

ISIS’ Amaq Agency cited sources reporting a “covert unit…managed to assassinate an American officer.” But officials said the assertion was baseless.

An American fire chief at Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base was killed at his home in Adana on Monday; however, Thaddeus Borowicz’s death was accidental, officials said.

The 61-year-old Michigan native allegedly locked himself out of his apartment and tried entering the residence via a 10th floor window by swinging from an electric cable tied to a chimney. But the wire apparently snapped and Borowicz fell into his courtyard and died from the impact. His body was found by a coworker after Borowicz did not report for work. More