Any liberals care to defend the selling of this government post to the highest bidder? What Hillary did is illegal, it’s federal influence peddling. Indictments better be coming. If Huma Abedin at least isn’t indicted there should be a march on Washington that makes Beck’s Rally on the Mall look like just a walk in the park. Please comment below with your thoughts and let us know how you feel.

TWFB: The State Department expedited a security clearance for a major Clinton donor who was appointed to the department’s national security advisory board in 2011, according to emails obtained by Fox News and the watchdog group Citizens United.

Raj Fernando, a Chicago financial trader, was a bundler for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign and a Clinton Foundation donor before he was mysteriously tapped for the State Department’s International Security Advisory Board in 2011. He resigned after just one board meeting, when his appointment drew media attention and criticism due to his lack of national security experience and financial ties to Secretary Clinton.

But new State Department emails obtained by Citizens United also show Clinton’s senior aides rushing to get Fernando a security clearance and a face-to-face meeting with the secretary of state, according to Fox News. More