Hillary Clinton is the same woman who blamed a “vast right wing conspiracy” for her husband’s sexual abuse of a White House intern, right?

But! But! But! But! But! But… Guns are all but banned in England…. England has the gun laws that give Hillary Clinton sweet dreams. Yes the same kind of gun control that she wants to impose on the citizens of the United States, and turn us from freemen to subjects of a Democrat Monarchy Dictatorship.

NY Post: Is there nothing Hillary Clinton won’t try to politicize?

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee was among those releasing statements after Thursday’s assassination of Jo Cox, a British Labor MP shot and stabbed on a street in northern England.

But where others’ statements simply paid tribute to the slain legislator and decried the heinous nature of her murder, Clinton focused on what she saw as the motive.

Cox’s life was cut short, Clinton declared, “by a violent act of political intolerance.” And she called on the United States and Britain to “stand together . . . by rejecting bigotry in all its forms.” More