This guy couldn’t be more wrong if he tried to be. Hillary and Obama hate Trump with a passion. They don’t know what the heck they are doing, so they shoot themselves in the foot every single time a terrorist attack happens. This guy should keep his mouth shut because has no clue about what he’s speaking about.

MEMRI: Jordanian Hizb ut-Tahrir member Hatem Abu Ajmiyya recently said that the Orlando shooting was a “valuable gift” for Donald Trump, whose popularity, according to Abu Ajmiyya, had risen sharply in its aftermath. The U.S. is well known for using “inhumane methods” and exploiting the blood of its own citizens for political goals, said Abu Ajmiyya, citing Pearl Harbor, which he said had been “facilitated” by the U.S., and 9/11. The interview was posted on the YouTube account of Hizb ut-Tharir on June 17.

Hatem Abu Ajmiyya: “The [Orlando shooting] came out of the blue, as a valuable gift for Trump and the Republican Party. In its aftermath, the number of voices supporting Trump rose sharply. His supporters are now saying that Trump was in the right when he made his demands concerning Muslims.”

Host: “If he exploits what is happening in Europe for his campaign, [imagine] how much he will exploit such things happening in the U.S.”

Hatem Abu Ajmiyya: “The incident is now being exploited in the electoral struggle between the two parties. When these two parties compete in the elections, they might resort to inhuman methods. The clash may get to the point where they break each other’s bones. They can resort to [killing] 50 members of the [gay] community. No big deal.”

Host: “It’s an electoral gift.” More

The video can be viewed here.