Boy, is Obama gonna be really mad, when he reads about this in the newspaper. Maybe this insanely stupid bathroom issue that’s been forced on the states by the Feds, will get the states to ask: why are the Feds involved in our schools and how do we eject them?

Christian Post: Kansas public schools will not adhere to President Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom directive, thanks to a vote taken by state leadership.

In a unanimous vote, the state Board of Education approved a statement last week rejecting the Obama Administration’s directive on transgender student bathroom guidelines.

“We are firm in our belief that decisions about the care, safety and well-being of all students are best made by the local school district based on the needs and desires of the students, parents and communities they serve,” read the statement in part.

“In Kansas, like many other states, our schools have been addressing transgender student needs with sensitivity and success for many years.”

In May, President Obama sent a non-legally binding letter to all public schools in the country, directing them to allow students to use whatever facilities correspond with their chosen gender identity. The letter threatened loss of funding to schools that don’t comply.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, President Obama argued that such a move was necessary to protect the dignity of transgendered individuals. More