He was at a roast, but I’m sure Al Sharpton was not joking. I thought a comedy roast was supposed to be very funny. Can you imagine if a white reverend said the same things in that kind of forum about black people? It’s called racism when white people pull stunts like this. Sharpton is the most racist man in America. It’s mind blowing anyone in their right mind would give him even 2 seconds of their time.

Washington Examiner:

Rev. Al Sharpton took on Fox News during a comedy roast in Washington, D.C., recalling the times he was a guest of the cable channel and imagining what it would have been like if he were employed there instead of MSNBC.

“It’s better than Fox,” Sharpton said of his own weekend show. “Because over there, they’d make me drink from a separate water fountain.”

The longtime activist took another dig at Fox and conservative commentator S.E. Cupp of CNN, who also attended the roast.

“Both of us have appeared on Fox,” Sharpton said of Cupp. “But they treat us a little differently. They send a car for her. They ask me to drive it.”

He said he referred to those occasions as “driving Ms. Crazy.” More