There are racist scumbags out there of course, but the vast majority of people I know just couldn’t care less. They are more concerned with what’s inside, not outside. You just have to look at the number of hoax hate crime there are to see that there aren’t enough real hate crimes to keep the race grievance industry in business.

Washington Examiner: A huge 88 percent of blacks believe more change is needed before they have equal rights with whites, and about half, 43 percent, don’t believe racism will end, according to a sweeping new survey by Pew Research Center of race in America.

In a three-month survey of 3,769 adults — 1,799 whites, 1,004 blacks and 654 Hispanics — Pew found that whites and blacks have starkly different views on race and race relations.

— An overwhelming majority of blacks (88%) say the country needs to continue making changes for blacks to have equal rights with whites, but 43% are skeptical that such changes will ever occur.

— A much lower share of whites (53%) say the country still has work to do for blacks to achieve equal rights with whites, and only 11% express doubt that these changes will come. More

The full report is here.