In typical Clinton playbook style, Hillary said today that it was “Time to move on.” I don’t think families of the four dead Americans could agree. They must be totally outraged, and justifiably so. This woman is not fit to serve as a dogcatcher. Crooked Hillary busted yet again. Any one voting for Hillary deserve everything that will happen if she is elected.

Washington Times:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is panning the Benghazi probe that has culminated in a 800-page report that is set to be released Tuesday and that makes the case that the former secretary of state underestimated the risk extremist groups posed to American personnel in Libya.

Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon cast the report as a flawed political witchhunt.

“Far from honoring the four brave Americans who died, the Benghazi Committee has been a partisan sham since its start,” he tweeted. More