American citizens need to pay close attention. AG Lynch within a few days post San Bernardino horror went on television with a short update. AG Lynch was surrounded by Muslims  and stated: “My number one priority as AG of The United States of America is to make sure that there are no hate attacks against the Muslims in America.

If anyone on the list is killed, they can call it a random killing rather than a terrorist attack.


The FBI has not informed many Americans that they are on various encrypted “kill lists” published by the Islamic State or others inspired by the terrorist group.

“The FBI and other government agencies have very wide latitude to deny releases of information for the public for national security reasons, to a degree that I personally find very unsettling,” Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst for the Clarion Project, told Newsmax Tuesday in an interview.

The Clarion Project, based in Washington, monitors Islamic terrorism and its supporters in the U.S. “All they have to do is say it is related in some way to an ongoing investigation or national security,” Mauro said. “It is very difficult for the public to contest that rejection because you don’t know what they are holding. More