Is she aware that the NRA wasn’t blowing up Americans? Or beheading, shooting, stabbing, kidnapping or torturing us? Is she aware that Muslims are definitely murdering people all over the world? Is she even aware of anything at all? At this point, anytime a Obama Administration official opens their big mouth, it’s just to defend Islam from the truth.

POWER: “Well, you know, there’s this tendency in our history, we have moments right, where we have
collective guilt, one individual who does something who has as characteristic and we blame a whole group. We’re never proud of that, but the temptation is always there in the present. I always spoke about being an immigrant to myself, being an Irish immigrant, coming from a country when I came to the United States in 1979, multiple terrorist attacks carried out in the town in which I lived. If that were enough to band me from this country or to ban the Irish, I wouldn’t have the privilege and certainly wouldn’t be representing the United States of America. All of one group, you know, carries the sins of a single individual, it’s a tendency to apply and lately, its been something that’s not only not true to our values and something I think again later we would be embarrassed by if we acted upon it, but it’s also not in our interest, it’s a gift to ISIL and to terrorist groups who themselves think in terms of collective guilt. All Yazidis deserve this, all people of this faith deserve this. We don’t need to trade in that kind of thinking. Individual responsibility and individual accountability is essential. And that is what we are pursuing in our fight against ISIL and will continue to pursue, but part of countering violent extremism is showing us for the inclusive society that we are and as others have noted, drawing on the incredible help that we get from our muslim partners in the region. But also Muslims in our own communities that are the first to tip us off when people of one community or another may be strained.” More